Five Reasons to Add a Labradoodle to Your Family

Aussie-Labradoodles-Buddy-@-Midwest-Labradoodle-Australian-Labradoodle-Red-BreederThe Labradoodle’s popularity has been skyrocketing in recent years because it is an intelligent and friendly dog. Originally intended to be a hypoallergenic guide dog, the first crosses of the Standard Poodles and the Labrador Retrievers were done by the Royal Guide Dogs Associations of Australia. The result was a clever, pleasant and friendly dog that had not only guide qualities but a low-shedding coat too. Although the hybrid has not yet achieved consistency in terms of temperament and coat, the puppies are wildly popular because they are so adorable. Here are five reasons to add a Labradoodle puppy to your family.

  1. Very affectionate. The Labradoodles have proved to be versatile additions to the family. They are happiest when around people they love, and will placate the family with affection and devotion. Possessing the gentle and endearing disposition of the Retriever and the Poodle’s intelligence as well as an allergy-friendly coat, they are a joy. They are also very friendly with the children, are eager to please and somehow seem to blend seamlessly into the family life.
  1. Suitable for people with allergies. There are many people who cannot own pets because they suffer from pet allergies. If you are such a person, a Labradoodle puppy may just be what you need. It is not the fur from pets that cause allergic reactions in people but rather the dander that attaches itself to the fur. The Labradoodle has a low shedding coat which is allergy friendly because of the low percentage of dander on its fur compared to other breeds. While not all allergy-prone people will tolerate her, most of them can live comfortably together.
  1. Friendly with the other pets. Their friendliness is not limited to people only, these puppies easily make friends with the other animals too. This wonderful disposition makes it possible for one to have many pets in the same house without making any special adjustments. From the moment they are brought in, they start to acclimatize to their new environment almost immediately and soon they join their new company.
  1. They are unique. You will quickly find that wherever you go, your Labrador puppy will always draw a lot of interest from people. This is because they are a fairly new breed and not many people have come across one. People will always be curious and interested because the puppies have a unique look and are affectionate. It seems that the Labradoodle is on a one-puppy mission to spread cheer and make the world a happier place.
  1. Easy to train. Labradoodles are good with children and are easy to train. This is because they are calm and intelligent, yet obedient and eager to please. As with other dogs, they love to be engaged and to receive some attention. Bored Labradoodles can be boisterous if only to prompt you to some game or activity so as to kill the boredom. It is best to get a dog trainer for best results since the puppies learn very fast. They observe how you answer the door, bring food and where you let them sleep. The puppy is actually giving you a leadership grade from the word go, so make sure you set some rules at the onset and s/he’ll quickly adapt to them.

If you want to get yourself one of these puppies, contact a reputable breeder to confirm their availability. There is usually a waiting list for them, but they are worth the wait.